Comedy Sci-Fi Web-series
Comedy Web-Series about weight-losing
More than 1.9 billion adults are overweight worldwide. The main character Dima Bublikov, is one of them, and he weighs 150 kg. Dima gave up on himself and isn't ready to change. Once he receives a gift -"smart" talking scales. The scales are even too smart - the impudent device is mocking Bublikov in different ways. Dima can do nothing but start to lose weight in hope that the scales will finally shut up.

Directed by Yulia Maximova

Produced by Anna Rozengurt

Credits writers: Anna Rozengurt and Roman Rozengurt

Starring: Eugeny Kosirev

Running time: 3 episodes per 5 minutes

Releas date: 2017

Country: Russia and Israel

Original Language: Russian

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