Fear will settle in cinemas.

Best Horror Shorts-3 Festival in your city!

About the festival

The screenings of the horror festival "Best Horror Shorts" will start on the big screens of Ukraine on August 12!

It's hard to scare someone who passed 2020, but trust us. Maybe it's not worth trusting?
Where does it blow in the cinema, if there are no windows in the hall? And what if it's someone's cold breath? Do you think monsters do not exist? Then look under the seat. Or just look at the neighbor on the left. Why does he laugh if there is a brutal murder on the screen?

We think he's just happy to finally be watching good movies in the cinema.
Join us, okay? ;)

* * * * *

Countries: USA, Spain, France, the Netherlands

Year: 2016 - 2021

Timing: 95 minutes

Age restriction: 18+ (pre)

Подобається фестиваль?
Ми співпрацюємо з більш ніж 100 кінотеатрами та кінолокаціями з 13 країн світу! Приєднуйся до спільноти поціновувачів коротого метру!
Отримайте інформацію, як провести показ у вас у закладі.
Усі дані залишаються конфіденційними.
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