This is a drama which takes place nowadays. A young man Alexander lives in Paris. Suddenly his mother, Anna, who lives in Paris after having emigrated from USSR, dies without any medical reason. After his mother death, Alexander accidentally finds in her apartment old papers and some old film reels. What he discovers on the restored reels makes him realize that he knows nothing about her life, her youth and her past. Found papers turn out to be the diaries of a film director who was in love with his mother while shooting one of his films in the studio of Odessa during the Soviet period. Alexander absorbs himself into the life of past times to understand the relationships of unknown people. From the diaries Alexander understands that the career of this film director was destroyed by the Soviet authorities. His movies were censured and his life ruined. The diaries tell of how unfair the Soviet machine could be to those who devoted their lifes to the seventh art. How their lives could be smashed and career ruined. The story is about lost love, buried hopes, lost old films – the only witnesses of this drama.
Year: 2015

Genre: Drama

Countries of production: Ukraine, France

Directed by: Igor Minaev

Scripted by: Igor Minaev, Olha Mykhaylova

Produced by: Irina Duport, Igor Minaev, Iurii Leuta

Director of photography: Senda Bonnet

Cast: Kevin Boise, Gabrielle Lazure, Liliia Ohiyenko, Borys Nevzorov, Lembit Ulfsak, Mykola Tokar

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