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Ua Ru


Someone's sinister shadow has run down the wall. Or is it just a viewer who's late for a session? Goosebumps. What is it? Has the knife blighted or someone not turn off the smartphone before the show? Or is it just so creepy from movies on screen?
About the Festival
Why the person in a hat on the next chair looks so suspiciously? Who does in general come to cinema without popcorn?
Thrillers always leave a scope for imagination. Are you are ready for nervously squeezing armrest and racing heart during the session? If it is so terrible for you, it will be better to stay at home.

Countries: USA, Canada, France, Italy, Argentina
Age category: PG-13
Duration: 95 minutes 20 seconds
Language: original soundtrack with English subtitles

We are waiting for the most courageous judges of a genre in dark cinema halls. Do not forget to dress an ominous hat.
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