Festival on the Day of the city of Dnepropetrovsk
Organization of a large-scale multicultural festival in honor of the 250,000 horns of the Donetsk Metallurgical Plant (DMZ), Petrovsky on City Day
Role in the project
KINOLIFE & CinemaHall- organizer of a multicultural festival in honor of 250000 horns of DMZ in honor of Petrovsky on City Day 2015.

  • Design of all event materials
    Development of the design of all event materials (posters, banners, tantamareski, balls, flyers, t-shirts, etc.).
  • Preparation of brand products
    Preparation of branded and prize products (balloons, certificates, t-shirts, etc.).
  • Festival advertisement
    * Placement of analytical materials about DMZ in honor of Petrovsky and 250000 horns of the plant in the city's major media.
    * Writing press announcements and announcing and post-lighting the complex of the event "Corner of the metallurgist" in the major media of the city. Creation and growth of the Evraz DMZ Petrovsky group and page on and, targeted advertising.
    * Event coverage on TV and more.
  • Video ad
    Creation and promotion of videos about the horn of Evraz DMZ of Petrovsky.
  • City quest with prizes
    Preparation and conduction of the "Legends of Petrovka" quest.

  • City flashmob
    Organization of flash mobs from the finalists of the talent show "Ukraine's got Talent".
  • Street karaoke
    Karaoke organization with a metallurgist
  • Photo exhibition and photozone
    * Production and installation of tantamareski.
    *Conducting a city photo contest and photo exhibition "I love Dnipro".
  • Rock concert
    Organisation of rock concert. Invitees- metropolitan and famous local groups.
  • Neon show
    Neon show from the finalists of "Ukraine's got talent", "Britain talent search" and "American talent search" LIGHT BALANCE.
  • Promoters and info point
    Organization of the work of promoters and info points.
  • Photo and video
    Ground and air video shooting, and photographing.
  • Statistics and materials
    Collection of statistics, materials, reviews of city residents.
Results of the event
*Over 114 mentions of the event in the city and regional mass media,
* More than 4000 photos from the event,
* The event was attended by more than 20,000 people,
* Over 50 positive reviews from the participants of the event on social networks.
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