Zaporozhskiy International Film Festival ZIFF
The festival is in the TOP-3 of the largest scale short-film festivals in Ukraine.
Role in the project
KINOLIFE is the general program partner of Zaporizhzhia International Film Festival, ZIFF.
Formation of the entire competitive program (2017-2019)
Formation of 6 programs
* international program - feature films,
* international program - documentary films,
* international program - animation,
* Ukrainian program - feature films,
* Ukrainian program - documentary films,
* Ukrainian program - animation.
Film selection, communication with copyright holders, localization control, content preparation and delivery.
Formation of an out-of-competition program (2017)
Search and attraction of potential festival partners, preparation and delivery of content.
Attracting jury members and leading workshops (2017)
Search and attraction of stars and famous actors, directors, producers in the jury, organization of work shops from invited guests and the jury of the festival. The jury and lecturers of the festival included the owner of the Ukrainian "Oscar",- "Zolotoy Dzigi" Manuk Depoyan, famous actor and TV presenter Bogdan Yusipchuk, director, screenwriter and actor Alexander Onufriev and others.
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