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Ua Ru
AVAILABLE from may

Erotic Shorts

Do you like in a hard or a soft way?

We're also are looking forward to May 2019 as the most passionate and sexy short film festival comes to the big screens.

About the Festival
Forget about shyness and fear. Open your heart to emotions, feelings, satisfaction. Passion, tenderness and thousands of fireworks. Are you ready?

So see you at the cinema. And be sure - the date will not end with the screening only.

* * *
Countries: Poland, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Spain, Venezuela, Argentina, Sweden
Age Rating: R
Duration: 93 min.
Formats: DCP, HD, DVD, BluRay
Language: in original languages with subtitles
Are you a talented filmmaker? Take part!
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We cooperate with more than 100 cinema venues in 13+ countries of the world!
Join the biggest world society of short film lovers.
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