Best Erotic Shorts-2

"Best Erotic Shorts" festival returns to the big screens.
TOP-3 most popular film festivals in CIS
About the Project
The sexiest shorts from around the world will prove that it can get hot in winter! "Best Erotic Shorts" is eighty minutes of pleasure that you will want to continue when you return home.

We will set you up for bright evenings and hot nights. Take an umbrella with you, because the humidity in the hall promises to be high.

Before the session, modesty can be left at the checkout. Pickup is optional.

Countries: France, Belgium, Israel, Spain
Years: 2017, 2018, 2019
Duration: 80 min.
Age: 18+.
films of the festival
The festival selection team watched more than 250 hours of erotic short films and selected the best 8 films.
Oh, yes. This is a dream job.
Festival trailer
"This is a perfect festival to watch in cinema, some films will make you laugh. Passion and humor are an explosive combination", - Illia Svidler, KINOLIFE founder
Best erotic shorts results in other regions
"Best Erotic Shorts" has been already a great success on the local markets:
Russia: $95,000 (25,000 people) in 140 cinemas,
Ukraine: $33,500 (8,798 people) in 43 cinemas,
Belarus: $18,000 in 11 cinemas.
Rights for the festival were also sold to Latvia and Moldova.
(more testimonials here)
  • Yulia Kovalevska
    I enjoyed watching it! I advise it to everyone. Do not be afraid of blushing! You will watch very honest stories! 😊 (translated from Russian)
  • Natalia Silina
    I think this is a very cool diagnostic and therapeutic event. In our country, there is no culture of sexual contact as such. I highly recommend going to the screenings (translated from Russian)
  • Ustina Zal
    ❤️ Shooting good erotics, like writing good erotics, is an art. Who doubts, I recommend Best Erotic Shorts.
    These are 8 wonderful short films about intimate (translated from Ukrainian)
  • E V A photographer
    I was touched by the depth of the films, because I wanted to spectacle, and then I had to think and analyze, and let it pass through myself.
  • SvetLana
    Erotic Film Festival 💣💥🔥 and didn't regret the choise 🙌👍 seven short films from Europe (most of them in Spanish) - worth at least one full-length film.
  • Irene Slepneva
    🔥 The short films turned out to be very interesting, emotional, vivid, reflecting something deeper than the fact of physiological contact between two people.
There have been the special Best Erotic Shorts part I events (screening + discussion with psychologists & sexologists) in Latvia and several cities in Russia and Ukraine.
Special screening of BEST EROTIC SHORTS part I in Riga
Special screening of BEST EROTIC SHORTS part I in Rostov-on-Don
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