November, 21st in cinemas

Best Erotic Shorts

Do you like hard or tender?

Indecently beautiful erotic shorts on big screens in November - you've been waiting all the year!
TOP-3 most popular festivals in CIS
"Best Erotic Shorts 2019" Russian Poster
Forget prejudice, modesty, and fear.
Open for emotions, feelings, and pleasure. Passion, goosebumps, and thousands of fireworks. Ready?

See you in the intimate dark of cinemas. And be sure - this date will not end with a simple screening.

Countries: Poland, France, Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, Sweden, Brazil
Age Rating: 18+
Duration: 80 minutes
Language: original language with Russian subtitles

films of the festival
The festival selection team watched more than 100 hours of erotic short films and selected the best 7 films.
Oh, yes. This is a dream job.
Festival trailer
"This is a perfect festival to watch in cinema, some films will make you laugh. Passion and humor are an explosive combination", - Illia Svidler, KINOLIFE founder
"Erotics" is is one of the most popular genres through CIS festivals and independent films
"SEXY SHORTS 2" - 8565 moviegoers in Russia.

"SEXY SHORTS" - 15003 moviegoers in Russia.

"Pure as Snow" - 10583 moviegoers in Russia.

"The Handmaiden" - 42 000+ moviegoers in Russia.

"L'Amant double" - 76483 moviegoers in Russia.
Best erotic shorts results in other regions
"Best Erotic Shorts" has been already a great success with 8798 moviegoers in Ukraine.
  • Sunny Tatyana
    Really interesting experience.
    To be honest, I didn't expect it to be that light and fun...Thanks Ruben Kievglam for this evening. Enjoyed it to the max.
  • Olena Kokhan
    Sex is not stupid, it personifies many conditions that are perfectly combined today in the best short films. Thank you for an evening full of discoveries, thoughts, laughter and temptation (transltated from Ukrainian)
  • Grand Premiere Attendee
    Very nice and very interesting, it exceeded my expectation as there was a lot of humour. I didn't expect that.
  • Maksim Golubev
    Films are all of the high quality, interesting, professional. I would not call them all purely erotic. In my opinion, not every film showing a naked body, sexual relations and erogenous zones can be called erotic (transltated from Ukrainian)
  • Grand Premiere Attendee
    A lot of different emotions. A lot of love and smiles. It was unexpected in that kind of shorts. And some of psychology. It was nice.
  • Oksana Rovnaya
    When I took myself on a date, watch beautiful best erotic shorts (by the way, a great way to celebrate International Feminism Day, I think).
    And as the description promised that "this date will not end just attending cinema", well, at least I pleased myself with my favorite puree and cheese pancakes, a loan of excitement, at 10 o'clock in the evening - thanks, "Compote" cafe for the late breakfast option (and for the flowers) (translated from Russian)
Estimated media cover 50+ million people
Our PR-department got crazy
Holding a hand on the magazine for adults KINOLIFE team members have promised to promote the festival 12/6
  • Bloggers
    TOP "sex", "psychology", "erotics" bloggers will take part in promotion of the festival.
  • Cross-Promotion
    The biggest Russian Medias as Snob,, Clique are the parterns of the distributor.
  • Targeting
    Trailer and posts of the festival will be promoted through targeting on Vk, Facebook, and Instargam.
  • Raffles and Quizzes
    Over 40+ raffles and quizzes with parnters on Vk, Facebook, Instargam, and Telegram
  • Word of Mouth
    Moviegoers' posts and videos of the festival is a TOP promotion tool.
  • Banners
    Banners and covers put by Media partners on Vk, Youtube, etc.
  • Media and Friends
    The biggest Medias will be invited to take part in the Grand Premiere and press-screenings.
  • Social Medias
    Trailer of the festival will be posted in groups related to "sex", "erotics", "cinema", "trailers", "psychology of relationships", etc.
  • Paid Ads
    The festival will be announced on the biggest pages related to "sex", "erotics", "cinema", "trailers", "psychology of relationships", etc.
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    Offline and Digital projects with partners - from native ads to sampling.
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