written and directed by Mykhailo Illienko
The film is based on the life story of Ivan Datsenko,
a Ukrainian who ended up chief of an Indian tribe
When the Soviet troops free Ivan from prison, he is charged with high treason and faces a long sentence in a Siberian camp. Not wanting to die behind barbed wire or wait for an amnesty, Ivan escapes. Firecrosser is a story of a Ukrainian-born Soviet pilot, who goes through Nazi captivity during the Second World War, becomes a GULAG prisoner and then an Indian chief in Canada.
The Indian tribe gave him the name, “He Who Went Through Fire.” Why would a soviet pilot have a name like this? What fire did he go through? In the synopsis to my movie I wrote that a soldier abandoned by his kingdom has a right to choose another king—and this is the story of a soldier who became king himself.
Mykhailo Illienko
Director and writer of Firecrosser
About the film

Directed by Mykhailo Illienko

Produced by Filippov Volodymyr

Written by Mykhailo Illienko

Kostiantyn Konovalov

Denys Zamriy

Starring Dmytro Linartovych

Release date 21 September 2011

Country Ukraine

Running time 110 minutes

Languages Ukrainian, Russian, English, Tatar

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