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We are pleased to propose you an interesting cooperation and advertising opportunities.
Logo in the Trailer
The logo is put in the festival's trailer posted on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Vk.

Best Erotic Shorts 2019 trailer put on ivideos channel, Vk, HD trailers channel.

Budget: 1000 USD
Reach: 700,000+ people
General Partner Status
Being a General Partner of the festival, the company or brand gets the opportunity to:
* Declare the leading position in the market;
* Increase brand or product awareness and loyalty;
* Demostrate a social responsibility.
Logo in Presentation
The Presentation of the festival is demonstrated before the block of festival films at all the venues of the festival at a separate slide.

Best Erotic Shorts 2019 Statistics in Russia

Budget: 1000 USD
Reach: 25,000+ buyers (SQL)
Mention in Venue Note
The mention of the company or brand is placed in a note listing festival venues on Facebook, Vk.

Best Erotic Shorts 2019 Venue list in Russia

Budget: 250 USD
Reach: up to 10,000 people
Integration into the Ads
Mention can be integrated into advertising:
* posts on partners' pages,
* targeting posts,
* paid posts.

Samples of Integration of BEST SCI FI 2019 in Russia: Лентач, Clique

Budget: 750 USD
Reach: 300,000+ people.
Logo on the festival web-page
The logo is placed on the festival page.

KINOLIFE's website is visited by moviegoers and partners.

Partner logos on the BEST EROTIC SHORTS 2019 page
Mention in e-mail newsletter for Media
National, Regional Media, TV channels are in the recipient list.

Budget: 100 USD
Reach: 1,200+ Media contacts.
Digital or Offline Project Opportunity
We'll be happy to organize a special digital or offline project with your integration into it.

For example, it could be an exclusive interview, a contest for the product, or a city quest.

Budget: 1000-2500 USD (depends on the complexity of the project)
Reach: from 5,000 to 50,000 buyers (SQL).
Free Tickets
Partner is given free tickets to the festival for their subscribers or customers.
Total Reach:
from 884,598 to 936,013 people
Festival Venues 2017-2020
More than 200 cinemas and alternative venues, including the biggest cinema chains as "Karo", "Kinomaks", "Formula Kino & Cinema Park", "Cinema 5", "Mori Cinema", "Mirage Cinema", "Premiere Zal", "Almaz Cinema" and others.
22+ million people
is a cover of KINOLIFE's partners and friends in Russia
We're open to cooperation with you
Our main goal is to make cooperation useful and fruitful for you.
All the data kept confidential.
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