Documentary film
House "Word"
The Slovo House became the personification of the bloody Soviet system, and the residents of the house were later called the generation of the "shot revival."
In 1928, a house for cultural figures of the Ukrainian SSR was built in Kharkiv. Mykola Khvylovy, Ostap Vyshnya, Mykhailo Semenko, Anatol Petrytsky, Antin Dyky and others are moving under one roof. A building with multi-room apartments, a laundry, a dining room, a kindergarten and even a solarium should become an oasis for artists, but the opposite will happen. Specially gathered intellectuals in one place are repressed and destroyed.
Year: 2017
Country: Ukraine
Genre: documentary
Director: Taras Tomenko
Running time: 81 min
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