Comedy Web-series
Kink is the use of non-conventional sexual practices, concepts or fantasies. In wider definition, it is any non-conventional, strange behavior. KinkyCom is a short comedy sketches about different kinky and picante situations.

Directed by Anna Rozengurt

Produced and written by Roman Rozengurt

Executive producer: Nadiia Pavlyk-Vachkova

Music by Andrey Komarov and Sergei Kovynev

Director of photography: Anton Ivanov

Film editors: Alexey Gromyko and Victoria Siekach

Starring: Vladimir Barabanov, Dmitro Bekaev, Jana Diorditchi,

Vladislav Kaplun, Denis Korablyov, Olha Malahit, Roman Rozengurt,

Olga Rusanova, Svetlana Sheka and Victoria Siekach

Running time: 19 episodes per 1 minute

Releas date: 2020

Country: Ukraine

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