Ukrainian historical action film directed by Oleksiy Shaparev
KRUTY 1918
The film tells about the battle near Kruty in the winter of 1918 between young military cadets of the Ukrainian People's Republic and the troops of Soviet Russia.
In the winter of the 18th year of the XX century, not far from the village of Kruty, a battle took place between the Red Army and Kiev cadets. Against the background of a bloody uprising, two brothers Andrei and Lesha fall in love with the same girl named Sofia. However, is at least one of them destined to be happy with a beauty, if the brothers are among the four hundred young warriors opposing a four thousandth, well-armed army?
Year: 2019
Country: Ukraine
Genre: action, military, historical
Director: Alexey Shaparev
Running time: 110 min

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