Directed and produced by Georgy Deliev
Odessa foundling
A lonely 70-year old, eccentric Odessa artist, Sir Pinhus, dreams of grandchildren. He has no children, so he needs an adult son to make his dream come true. His friends from the Baby House choose Arkasha for this role, a 50-year-old dunce, who was freed from the colony and works in the baby's house as a fireman.
Directed and produced by Georgy Deliev
Screenwriter Georgy Golubenko
Starring Boris Barsky, Georgy Deliev, Natalia Buzko, Irina Tokarchuk, Victor Andrienko, Vladimir Chiglyaev, Alexander Postolenko
Genre: comedy
Release date: 2018
Running time: 90 minutes
Country: Ukraine
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