JAFFE - Jewish Academy for Film Education

Take part in master classes, lectures and films on Jewish themes!

About the project

JAFFE - is an international educational project.
JAFFE - is a Jewish Academy for Film Education.
And translated from Hebrew, "JAFFE" means beautiful, cool, wonderful!

The project program includes:
* Learning the basics of cinematography from professionals from several countries,
* Lectures and master classes on Jewish culture, traditions, history and language,
* Making films on Jewish themes.

The authors of the best films created within the project will receive prizes.
The best films created within the project will be promoted by the organizers in the media space.

All workshops and lectures will be held online.
Lecturers of the Film Academy
The list of the lecturers is in the progress
  • Dmitry Golumbevsky
    Director, producer, screenwriter, editing director
    Master classes "Directing", "Editing directing"

    Film director with a strong eight-year experience in creating various films in the film and advertising industries.
    At this stage he creates commercials for leading world and Ukrainian companies: "Volkswagen", "Nestle", "Max Factor", "British American Tabacco", "Kyivstar", "Rud", "ALLO". Work

    Filmography: "Circle" (short, thriller), "Mannequin" (short, mystical thriller), "Chupacabra ordinary ..." (short, children's drama), "Phantom" (short, horror film)

  • Illia Svidler
    Producer, director of the distribution company "KINOLIFE", member of the Ukrainian Film Academy
    Master classes "Production", "Distribution"

    Over 10+ years of work in the field of cinema under the guidance of Elijah, more than 100 projects have been implemented, including a master class by Oscar winner Guy Nattiv, an international conference on animation and computer graphics "CG Weekend", a car festival "FestInCar".

    Festivals "BEST SCI FI", "BEST HORROR SHORTS", "BEST THRILLER SHORTS" visited 15+ countries.
  • Alex Severin
    Actor, director, stuntman
    He graduated from DTKHK (Dnipro) and NAKKKiM (Kyiv). He worked at the Franko Theater in Kyiv as an actor and deputy head of the theater troupe.

    He is currently working as a second director.

    Filmography: "Zakhar Berkut", "Watchtower", "Jura Korolevich" and others.

    Trained in the team STUNTALOT, some of the stuntmen from this team starred in the movie "300 Spartans, the dawn of the empire."
  • Yaroslav Gurevish
    He graduated from Dnipropetrovsk Regional Theater and Art College.
    Works at the National Academic Drama Theater. I. Franko, starring in movies, commercials, TV series.

    Filmography: "Lady Mayor", "Spirit of the Earth", "Wild Herd", "Sorochinskaya Fair", "Madcap", "Bankers", "Five Minutes to the Metro", "Orange Sky", "The Devil from Orly", "Karavaeva", "The Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno", "The Return of Mukhtar-3", "The Good Guys", "The Power of Attraction", "Two Sides of the Same Anna", "The Route of Mercy", "Brother for Brother", "Fury", "Chalk Painting, "My Mom", "Efrosinya", "Special Squad" Storm", "Servant of the People-2", "Baby Boom", "My Boy", "Double Reflection" and others.
  • Den Manushevich

    Director and editor, screenwriter and designer, marketing director and festival organizer, tattoo artist and blogger
    Master class "Scriptwriting"

    7 years in the television industry - STB, 1+1: Voice, League of Laughter, Pride of Ukraine, led a group of directors of the promo department.
    Organized a high-tech festival in Kiev, a festival in Tel Aviv and Haifa.
    Creator of a vape magazine and vape shop chain in Kyiv
  • Ilya Axelrod

    Israeli stand-up comedian, TV and radio presenter and producer.

    Co-founder of Kamanda Productions ltd.

    Comedy Battle finalist, winner of the Comedy Laugh show, regular participant in the Evening Quarter show.

    And most importantly: Bronze medalist of the North Israel Bridge Championship, among the sixth graders in 1996.

    Facebook Instagram

  • Roman Zagorodnyuk

    Composer of theater and cinema. Honored Worker of Pop Art of Ukraine.

    He wrote music for 16 feature films with the participation of Mikhail Efremov, Elena Safonova, Galina Polskikh, Daniel Olbrykhsky, Natalia Varley, Sergei Makovetsky and many other famous actors and directors.

    From 1996 to 1999 he became Music Producer and Art Director for Beverly Hills Production under the direction of Chuck Norris.

    Since 2010 he has collaborated with well-known film companies as a composer.

    Since 2016 - cooperation with the Venice Symphony Orchestra. Wrote the hymn of the city of Venice to the words of Zoya Nechaeva.

    In 2017, the European Guild of Film Composers recognized the 20 best European hits of the 20th century. This number includes the soundtrack to the movie "Butterflies", written by composer Roman Zagorodnyuk.

    In 2017 he wrote the music for the film "Knockin 'on Love" of the Theater-Studio of Improvisation "Black Square"

    Since 2021 Roman Zagorodnyuk has been a creative director and music producer at Page Group

  • Faust Mindlin

    Actor, director, TV presenter. Member of the National Union of Theater Performances of Ukraine. Having graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Music and Film Theater (LGITMIK), he directed the stage at the Kiev Institute of Music. Karpenko-Kary.

    He played in entreprise performances, in the Odessa Jewish theater "Vanity of vanities"

    He worked at Odessa radio stations as a presenter and author of programs, in particular, his own program "Literary Lounge".

    As a TV presenter, he created an author's program on the history of Odessa "The Time of Faust".

    He staged performances in Odessa and other cities of Ukraine, wrote plays for theaters. He participated in many International Festivals, where he received prizes for Best Actor and Grand Prix. Laureate and diploma holder. I actively act in films. He played the role of Marc Chagall in the play "Overcoming", which the audience met in Odessa, St. Petersburg, Vinnitsa, Lvov, Kiev. Staged and performed at the same venue a solo performance based on the stories, letters and diaries of I. Babel "Two Big Differences".

    Organized and held an exhibition on the history of the Jewish theater in Odessa. He took part in the International "Mikhoelsovsky Readings" in Moscow.

  • Boris Maftsir

    Documentary filmmaker

    Graduated from the first graduating class of the Department of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University.

    For years Maftsir worked as a producer in the Israeli film Service. From 1994 to 1999 he was the Service manager.

    In 2009 Maftsir founded and until 2014 managed the documentary film department at the Haifa WIZO Academic Center.

    Management positions: Director of the Department of Culture and Art, Ministry of Education and Culture (1998-1999). Director General of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption (1999-2001). Head of Delegation of the Jewish Agency in Russia, Belarus and the Baltic States (2003-2005). Director of the Yad Vashem Project to recover the names of the Jews murdered in the Holocaust in the Soviet Union territories (2006-2012).

    In recent years Maftsir has been working exclusively on a documentary project on the Holocaust in the Soviet Union.

    Producer over 200 documentary films and television documentaries.

    Lecture: Replaying Holocaust History Without Archival Materials

  • Nikolay Kondrashev
    Operator - freelancer
    Lives in Kiev. Has been shooting since 2007. Has experience in filming commercials, short films, TV programs and TV shows, documentaries. His personal site.
(Jewish history, tradition, culture, Yiddish culture and language)
The list of the lecturers is in the progress
  • Arie Rafael Nizevich

    Messenger of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Founder and head of the STL office in Kiev. Rabbi Beit Chabad STL.

    Spiritual mentor, coach, professional leader, specialist in the field of non-formal Jewish education with 20 years of experience.

  • Klimova Irina

    Director of the Sholem Aleichem Museum, head of the art program of the Institute of Jewish Studies, member of the editorial board and artist-designer of the art and journalistic almanac of the Institute of Jewish Studies "Yehupets".

    Author of over 100 articles dedicated to fine arts, creativity of artists of Ukraine.

    Since 1976 she has been working in the field of industrial graphics and design, participated in many domestic and foreign personal and group exhibitions of painting and graphics. Organized and participated in numerous cultural, educational and educational projects, in particular:

    supervised the program "Haggadah" of the Institute of Judaica.

    Head of the educational program "Pages of Jewish History and Culture" for teachers and students of Jewish schools in Kiev;

    Lecturer of the course "Jewish Fine Arts" for religious students of universities in Ukraine and the CIS countries;

    Designer of a series of Jewish art calendars;

    Consultant on the Jewish tradition of the documentary Spell Your Name (directed by S. Bukovsky).

  • Dr. Mordehay Yushkovsky

    Academic director of the the World Jewish Congress International Yiddish Center

    Defended his doctoral dissertation at the University of Bar-Ilan in Israel. For 20 years, he led Yiddish and Yiddishkite workshops. In the Eastern Europe, was CEO of the World Council for Yiddish Culture. From 2001 to 2014, he was an inspector for teaching Yiddish at the Israeli Ministry of Education. Dr. Yushkovsky has created a network of courses in the field of Yiddish culture, which annually trains over 2,500 people throughout Israel.

    He provides lecture cycles of a wide range on various topics related to classical and modern Yiddish literature, Jewish theater, cinema and visual arts.

    Lecture: Shtetl in Jewish Literature and Art

    Lecture: Yiddish culture as a treasury of national historical memory.

  • Anna Yarova

    Art critic, artist, public figure, daughter of the Righteous Among the Nations Mrs. Sofia Yarova

  • Julia Goldenberg

    ACF "To You" (2U) Founder and Board Chair, the granddaughter of the rescued (Survivor)

  • Svetlana Pakhomova

    Hebraic culturologist, specialist in Israeli cinema, teacher at MSSES (Shaninka), constant author of reviews and reviews of festivals for the Lechaim magazine. Curator and host of a number of projects dedicated to Jewish and Israeli cinema ("Young Cinema of Israel", "Yiddishzeit", etc.)

    Lecture: Who is making films in Yiddish and why today?

  • Alex Tabak

    Photographer, guide to Israel and abroad

    He studied at the University of Haifa (English Literature), worked at the school, teacher of English and Photography. In the early 2000s, he moved to the path of non-formal education, worked as a manager in the field of educational tourism, the "Taglit" project, projects for the study of Jewish History in the Diaspora countries, studied Photography at the course "Open Seminar on Photography, hands. Eyal Onn)

    For the last twelve years he has been working as a guide in Israel and abroad, engaged in author photography, studying the History of Schools of Photography. Now studying at the Institute. Schechter: History and Philosophy of the Jewish People.

  • Reuven Stamov

    Chief Rabbi of Ukrainian Communities of the Traditional Judaism Movement in Ukraine

    He has 25 years of experience in formal and non-formal Jewish education, an official representative of Midreshet Yerushalayim and the World Movement of Traditional (Conservative) Judaism in Ukraine.

  • Michal Stamova

    Specialist in the history, culture and traditions of the Jewish community

    Master of Arts in Jewish Studies and Foreign Languages and Literature. Has 20 years of experience in the field of Jewish formal and non-formal education. Consultant and teacher of various programs, kashrut specialist. The author and host of the podcast is, Radioklezmer ", consultant on Jewish education for the Kesher Project in Ukraine. Now the director of the center, Masoret" in Kiev.

  • Yan Privorotsky

    For 35 years he has been playing professionally in "What? Where? When?" Guide in 12 countries, 69 cities.

    From Kiev. Having graduated from the Faculty of Education of the Kiev State University IM. Shevchenko. 20 rockiv live in Rusalim. I will ask you for a walk around summer Kiev with thoughts and whips.

    Lecture: Historical characters - Jews, leaders and partners, ugly people of Ukraine

    Єvreї zalishayut pomіtnі slіdi in Іstorії vsogo Lyudstva. The twentieth century will bring about dramatic events and tragic experiences for our people. Pogroms, SHOA, revolutions, colossus ... The Ukraine - the ugly woman (in the warehouse of the Russian Empire) was thrown around all over the world. We'll talk about the share of the people they do with our regular rumors.

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