Directed by Mark Hammond and Valeriu Jereghi
1970s of Soviet Ukraine. Political suffocation at the film studio. The KGB curator gives the order to remount the film of the famous director, which tells the events of the Ukrainian war from the right angle that is contrary to the policy of the party. The re-editing is entrusted to a trainee director who has just graduated from a film school. The girl understands she must protect the author's vision and historical truth. Love, politics, a dangerous mission, friends and enemies are all her challenges.
Mark Hammond is an American director, producer and screenwriter. He has been making feature and documentary films in Asia, America and Europe for over 30 years. The film Traitor is dedicated to the memory of prominent Ukrainian film directors Oleksandr Dovzhenko, Serhiy Paradzhanov, Yuriy Ilyenko.

Director: Mark Hammond, Valeriu Zheregi
Year: 2016
Country: Ukraine, Lithuania
Category: Drama
Duration: 01:29:49
Actors: Oleg Melnychuk, Zorya Baranovska, Stanislav Shokin
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