written and directed by Vladimir Kozlov
The film is about young people who live without moral guidelines in a society that is unable to give them norms and standards of behavior.
"Anomie" is centered on three young people in their late teens / early twenties who live in a big Russian provincial city – Olya, Anya and Igor.
Although they come from seemingly normal families, they receive no – or confusing – moral guidance from their families and society at large.
As a result, they aimlessly drift through life, following just their instincts.
Once day, what seems to be a minor conflict leads to tragedy…
Director: Vladimir Kozlov
Producer: Vladimir Kozlov, Nelly Muminova, Alexander Egai
Screenwriter: Vladimir Kozlov
Editor: Artur Anayan, Stepan Turchenko
Operator: Artur Sahakyan
Year: 2016
Country: Russia
Genre: drama
Running time: 67 min.
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