written and directed by Vladimir Kozlov
Number Ten
Number Ten is centered on young people who live in a moral vacuum, with no aspirations or goals in life. Their relations with the world are based on violence and possession, and they seem to be confined to a vicious circle, which they are unable to break.
The main character, 18 year old Valera, was once a promising footballer, playing under the most sought after number ten. But an injury eliminated his chances of a professional career. After several years at a major football academy, he returned to his home town and entered a vocational school just to have something to do. But he is facing a compulsory military service. A corrupted officials gives him a hint that a bribe could solve the problem, but Valera’s mother doesn’t have money, and his father left years ago and they have been out of touch.
While waiting to be conscripted, Valera is dating Sveta, a girl of seemingly no ambition who works a dead-end job as a supermarket cashier, but their relations are nearly limited to sex. Valera’s only friends in the neighborhood are a couple of hoodlums he used to go to secondary school with. Hanging out with them, he eventually slips into crime…

Written and directed by Vladimir Kozlov
Produced by Vladimir Kozlov and Yevgeny Grafov
Camera: Vladimir Goroshnikov, Artem Levin, Alexei Levin
Co-director, production manager: Yevgeny Grafov
Edited by Vladimir Goroshnikov
Music by Dmitry Chugayev
Starring: Timofey Yakovets, Yekaterina Yenikeyeva, Stepan Gavrilov, Ilya Chernykh
Running time: 83 minutes / 01:23
Age: 18+
Release date: 2013
Country: Russia
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