written and directed by Vladimir Kozlov
Three Comrades

Three Comrades is a provocative, "politically incorrect" drama centered on three young employees of a wholesale company and touching upon a range of contemporary issues, from inhumanity of capitalism to illegal migration and sexism.
The film covers about 24 hours in the lives of Gleb, Vlad and Gosha, mid-level sales managers in their mid-twenties.
They spend a day in the office fighting with the aggressive boss and unscrupulous customers and decide to have a few drinks after work. They are originally joined by a female colleague, Olya.
But when she calls it a night, the three young man continue to "unwind" with alcohol.
Gradually, frustrated but seemingly innocuous office employees turn into sexist, racist and violent monsters of the "fake news" era…

Written and directed by Vladimir Kozlov
Running time: 72 minutes / 01:12
Release date: 2020
Country: Russia, Belarus
Produced by Natalia Bruzhnik, Leonid Kalitenya, Vladimir Kozlov
Camera: Svetoslav Bolgarchuk
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