The first Ukrainian thriller
The main characters accidentally stumble upon a tunnel where the idol of the pagan god Perun may be hidden.
Five students of the Faculty of History go to the archaeological practice. The professor, who leads the young seekers of antiquities, tells them a legend about how, during the war, museum staff hid a statue of the pagan god Perun somewhere in the dungeons outside the city. The heroes accidentally stumble upon a tunnel where the idol of Perun is probably hidden. Suddenly, under unclear circumstances, the professor disappears.
Directed by Lubomyr Levitsky
Produced by Alexey Khoroshko
Denis Ivanov
Screenplay by Lubomyr Levitsky
Music by Potap
Cinematography Alexey Khoroshko
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Release date 2006
Running time 83 minutes
Country Ukraine
Language Ukrainian
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