Holy Spring:
to a new life

Original title: Булаг 2: к новой жизни

The film is set in the Tunkinskaya Valley, Russia. Successful businessman Vyacheslav returns to his small village to take his mother to live together in the city. The mother's reluctance to move and domestic issues make Vyacheslav stay longer. Every new day he personally faces the problems of rural life.
Will he be able to unwind the tangle of unsolved tasks or will he leave things as they are?

Director: Solbon Lygdenov
Producers: Erdeni Zhambalov, Gombo-Jap Bazarov, Gombo Zurbakov, Anatoly Syrenov
Screenwriter: Solbon Lygdenov
Editor: Sergey Zhapov
Operator: Sergey Zhapov
Starring: Erdeni Zhambalov, Lyudmila Khalbazykova, Elena Mokhosova, Tamir Sagaluev
Year: 2021
Country: Russia
Genre: drama
Running time: 94 min. / 01:34
Age rate: 6+

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