Fountain- holy spring
"There is no life where the source has dried up ... There is no future for the one who has forgotten his ancestors."
The film takes place in a snow-covered Buryat village near Irkutsk, Russia.
It's hard for the locals to live here - there is no work and local currency is vodka that men immediately drink. A real social catastrophe arises in front of everyone's eyes. The main character of the story was also not spared by this problem. He is smart, kind-hearted and
a sympathetic person, but he is very keen on alcohol and does not follow his ancestral sacred source. He has no means of livelihood. Suddenly he gets a good chance to make money, but this opportunity is associated with illegal mining of jade with the mafia. What will the hero do?

The film demonstrates the magnificent nature and atmosphere of snow-capped mountains and forests.
Production year: 2013
Country: Russia
Genre: drama
Directed and written by Solbon Lygdenov
Running time: 108 minutes / 01:48

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