Advocate is not needed

Chertkov, accused of manslaughter, is interviewed by a high-profile lawyer sent from a serious company. He convinces Chertkov of his innocence, and promises that there will be no "court case" at all if he makes one very profitable deal.
Year: 2019
Country: Russia
Genre: short, drama
Director: Artem Minakov
Running time: 25 min
Stars: Vladimir Butenko, Stanislav Ivanov, Elena Krasikova
Line producer: Anastasia Borisova
Screenwriters: Yulia Terentyeva, Artem Minakov
Camera: Artur Mikheev, Dato Tsurtsumiya, Ira Kruglova, Artyom Minakov
1st Assistant Director: Felix Ioannidi
Editor: Artem Minakov
Music: Dmitry Filippov, Peter Pridantsev
Sound engineer: Nikolay Nechaev, Mikhail Anisimov
Trailer mastering: Alexander Kuznetsov
Colorist: Dmitry Kuznetsov
Artists: Anastasia Borisova, Anna Aster, Vlada Savchenko, Maria Ivanova, Mikhail Semyonov
VFX & Clean-Up: Vadim Cashier, Alexander Demchenko, Alexander Sorokin, Mikhail Semyonov

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