Sky Fighter
Two pilots fight a war in the distant future in their fighter-bomber spacecraft. But is their enemy the alien opponent, or each other?
In the 26th century: humankind fights a war in space against an unstoppable alien adversary. A pilot, John, awakens on the deck of his two-man fighter-bomber spaceship—with no memory how he got there. His copilot, Mo, tells him he was hacked (via his cybernetics) by the aliens, and she tried to save him... yet evidence on the ship points to HER being the one possessed by the enemy. Should he trust her... or the little memory he regains?

Written and directed by Lukas Kendall

Produced by Levi Smock, Daniel Marks and Christine Sheaks

Production Designer: Benjamin Ralston

Edited by Robert Meyer Burnett

Director of photography: Daniel Marks

Music by Bobby Villarreal

Costume Designer: Megan Lian

Starring: Tom Maden, Jess Gabor, Erik Palladino, Declan Churchill Carter and Richard Epcar

Running time: 16 minutes

Releas date: 2019

Country: USA

Original Language: English

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