Ukrainian documentary film by Igor Minaev
«The Cacophony of Donbas» is a film about the elite of the working class of USSR – the miners of Donbas. The soviet propaganda had created such a false parallel reality that one day the situation had exploded and the war started.
Life promised to be a symphony of work, joy and well-being, but it turned out to be deceit and manipulation. There are no illusions left. «The Symphony of Donbas» has turned into «The Сacophony of Donbas».
Production year: 2018

Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 62 min

Countries of production: Ukraine

Scripted & Directed by: Igor Minaev

Produced by: Iurii Leuta

Music by: Vadim Sher

Editor: Olexander Podoprigora

Director of photography: Volodimir Pallik

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